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Nozzle Stock
 NOZZLE  DN..S..  DN..P..  DLLA...NP..  DLLA...PN..  DLLA..S..  DLLA..S..(S)N..  DSLA...P(S)..  DLLA...P..  CR_Other  Split-type
HanJi NO. BOSCH NO. Stamping No. Vehicle Model Engine
CZ-B611 324 9 432 611 324 DLLA155PN111 ISUZU  
CZ-B610 027 9 432 610 027 DLLA154PN007 MAZDA SLD/SL
CZ-B610 078 9 432 610 078 DLLA160PN010 MITSUBISHI 4D31-T/HD400
CZ-B610 079 9 432 610 079 DLLA150PN021 MAZDA SL-T
CZ-B610 098 9 432 610 098 DLLA150PN044 ISUZU 4JB1
CZ-B610 153 9 432 610 153 DLLA152PN014 KOMATSU 6D 95L /S6D 95L /PC200-5
CZ-B610 161 9 432 610 161? DLLA154PN005 ISUZU 4JB1??4JA1
CZ-B610 163 9 432 610 163 DLLA154PN068 ISUZU 4JA1/NKR55/OHMP001
CZ-B610 168 9 432 610 168 DLLA160PN004 MITSUBISHI 4D31T/P466
CZ-B610 175 9 432 610 175 DLLA152PN009 KOMATSU 6D95/PC200-5/S6D 95L
CZ-B610 178 9 432 610 178 DLLA156PN110 ISUZU 6BG1/A500
CZ-B610 181 9 432 610 181 DLLA154PN058 ISUZU PN058/P466
CZ-B610 196 9 432 610 196 DLLA150PN044 ISUZU 4JB1
CZ-B610 201 9 432 610 201 DLLA154PN067 ISUZU 4JA 1C /4JA1
CZ-B610 227 9 432 610 227 DLLA160PN036 MITSUBISHI 6D31T/4D31T/P005
CZ-B610 250 9 432 610 250 DLLA152PN097 KOMATSU 6D 95L /PC200-5
CZ-B610 253 9 432 610 253 DLLA146PN055 ISUZU 4JB1CT
CZ-B610 256 9 432 610 256 DLLA154PN049 ISUZU 4JA1/4JC1/P005
CZ-B610 445 9 432 610 445 DLLA154PN051 ISUZU 6BG1TC/P433
CZ-B610 268 9 432 610 268 DLLA154PN006 ISUZU/NHR\HKR 4JB1??4JA1
CZ-B610 273 9 432 610 273 DLLA154PN062 ISUZU 4BC2/P466
CZ-B610 279 9 432 610 279 DLLA154PN025 ISUZU/EXPORT 4BD1T
CZ-B610 280 9 432 610 280 DLLA154PN064 ISUZU 4BG1/P465
CZ-B610 283 9 432 610 283 DLLA154PN061 ISUZU 4BE1/P425
CZ-B610 288 9 432 610 288 DLLA157PN090 NISSAN DIESEL DACHAI498/OHMP020
CZ-B610 289 9 432 610 289 DLLA154PN116 ISUZU TFR\4JA1T/OHMP002
CZ-B610 300 9 432 610 300 DLLA154PN161 ISUZU  
CZ-B610 383 9 432 610 383 DLLA154PN162 ISUZU  
CZ-B610 306 9 432 610 306 DLLA154PN0171 ISUZU 4BE1/A411
CZ-B610 320 9 432 610 320? DLLA155PN107 DOOWAN KP—PK107
CZ-B610 326 9 432 610 326 DLLA154PN155 ISUZU 4JB1
CZ-B610 329 9 432 610 329 DSLA149PN901 ISUZU  
CZ-B610 334 9 432 610 334 DLLA160PN024 MITSUBISHI 6D31/HD700/6D31T
CZ-B610 341 9 432 610 341 DLLA160PN085 MITSUBISHI 4D31T/6D31T/HD700
CZ-B610 343 9 432 610 343 DLLA150PN056 ISUZU  
CZ-B610 353 9 432 610 353 DLLA151PN086 MAZDA  
CZ-B610 362 9 432 610 362 DLLA152PN063 KOMATSU 4D95S/PC120-5/S4D 95L
CZ-B610 371 9 432 610 371 DLLA154PN186 NISSAN/ISUZU  
CZ-B610 374 9 432 610 374 DLLA160PN141 MITSUBISHI 4D31T
CZ-B611 001 9 432 611 001 DLLA160PN146 ISUZU  
CZ-B610 376 9 432 610 376 DLLA141PN136 MAZDA  
CZ-B610 377 9 432 610 377 DLLA158PN209 ISUZU 4JA1
CZ-B610 378 9 432 610 378 DSLA157PN902 NISSAN DIESEL/NISSAN
CZ-B610 397 9 432 610 397? DLLA155PN179    
CZ-B610 931 9 432 610 931 DLLA158PN236 ISUZU 4JA1
CZ-B610 408 9 432 610 408 DLLA146PN122 MITSUBISHI? 4D34T3
CZ-B610 424 9 432 610 424 DLLA156PN121 ISUZU 4HF1
CZ-B610 452 9 432 610 452 DLLA153PN177 ISUZU/TFR4JB1T 4JB1T/OHMP034
CZ-B610 455 9 432 610 455 DLLA152PN184 ISUZU  
CZ-B610 458 9 432 610 458 DLLA150PN088 KOMATSU SA6D 95L /PC200-5
CZ-B610 459 9 432 610 459 DLLA160PN135 EXPORT PN135
CZ-B610 461 9 432 610 461 DLLA153PN238 ISUZU 4JB1TC
CZ-B610 603 9 432 610 603 DLLA143PN265 ISUZU 4HG1-T
CZ-B610 394 9 432 610 394 DLLA154PN208 NISSAN DIESEL BD30
CZ-B610 605 9 432 610 605 DLLA154PN270 ISUZU 4JA1L
CZ-B610 633 9 432 610 633 DLLA143PN265 ISUZU? 4HG1-T
CZ-B610 692 9 432 610 692 DLLA155PN202    
CZ-B610 701 9 432 610 701 DLLA155PN200    
CZ-B610 706 9 432 610 706 DLLA154PN087 MAZDA SL  
CZ-B610 710 9 432 610 710 DLLA160PN159 ISUZU? 4HF1
CZ-B610 711 9 432 610 711 DLLA158PN104 MITSUBISHI 4D31T/6D31T/4D31T1
CZ-B610 720 9 432 610 720 DLLA161PN109 ISUZU 6HE1/P425
CZ-B610 724 9 432 610 724 DLLA139PN119 ISUZU 6BG1-TC2  
CZ-B610 730 9 432 610 730 DLLA153PN178 ISUZU/JMCTFR4JB1-NA 4JB1/OHMP035
CZ-B610 732 9 432 610 732 DLLA160PN070 HYUNDAI? 4D31
CZ-B610 734 9 432 610 734 DLLA155PN057 MITSUBISHI 6D31T/P455
CZ-B610 762 9 432 610 762 DLLA140PN003 KUBOTA/KUBOCA  
CZ-B610 771 9 432 610 771 DLLA155PN276 MITSUBISHI S6K-T/CAT320B/3066T
CZ-B610 781 9 432 610 781 DLLA146PN218 ISUZU 4HE1-TC
CZ-B610 811 9 432 610 811 DLLA160PN059 MITSUBISHI 4D31T/6D31T/4D34T
CZ-B610 813 9 432 610 813 DLLA160PN100 MITSUBISHI 4D31T/P005
CZ-B610 815 9 432 610 815 DLLA157PN115 MITSUBISHI 6D31
CZ-B610 848 9 432 610 848 DLLA140PN013 KUBOTA EA14
CZ-B610 851 9 432 610 851 DLLA154PN185 ISUZU 4HG1
CZ-B610 853 9 432 610 853 DLLA155PN053 MITSUBISHI HEAV 200/S6K-T/E200B
CZ-B610 883 9 432 610 883 DLLA153PN203 ISUZU 4JB1??4JB1P/4JB1T
CZ-B610 890 9 432 610 890 DSLA149PN903 ISUZU 4JB1
CZ-B610 921 9 432 610 921 DSLA150PN924 YANMAR  
CZ-B610 922 9 432 610 922 DSLA150PN925 YANMAR  
CZ-B610 929 9 432 610 929 DLLA160PN131 MITSUBISHI  
CZ-B610 983 9 432 610 983 DLLA157PN165 NISSAN DIESEL BD25
CZ-B610 989 9 432 610 989 DLLA155PN174 HINO  
CZ-B610 413 9 432 610 413 DLLA155PN182 MITSUBISHI HEAV S4K
CZ-B610 993 9 432 610 993 DLLA152PN143 KOMATSU S6D 95L
CZ-B610 995 9 432 610 995 DLLA157PN133 NISSAN DIESEL FD3
CZ-B611 003 9 432 611 003 DLLA160PN149 ISEKI E4DA
CZ-B611 004 9 432 611 004 DLLA153PN152 ISUZU 4JA1
CZ-B611 007 9 432 611 007 DLLA146PN220 ISUZU 4HF1-2
CZ-B611 011 9 432 611 011 DLLA146PN218 ISUZU 4HE1-TC
CZ-B611 033 9 432 611 033 DLLA152PN213 KOMATSU 6D 95L
CZ-B611 034 9 432 611 034 DLLA161PN214 NISSAN DIESEL FD46
CZ-B611 185 9 432 611 185 DLLA161PN132 NISSAN DIESEL FD42
CZ-B611 310 9 432 611 310 DLLA140PN002 KUBOTA E900
CZ-B611 317 9 432 611 317 DSLA154PN016 ISUZU 4JB1
CZ-B611 321 9 432 611 321 DLLA154PN101 ISUZU 6HE1
CZ-B611 335 9 432 611 335 DLLA157PN020 KUBOTA 498
CZ-B611 336 9 432 611 336 DLLA160PN022 MITSUBISHI 4D31T
CZ-B611 338 9 432 611 338 DLLA160PN026 MITSUBISHI 6D31T
CZ-B612 477 9 432 612 477 DLLA155PN046 TOYO-SHA BD150
CZ-B612 478 9 432 612 478 DLLA155PN048 MITSUBISHI HEAV S6K
CZ-B612 486 9 432 612 486 DLLA146PN122 MITSUBISHI 4D34T3
CZ-B612 489 9 432 612 489 DLLA160PN156 MITSUBISHI 6D31T
CZ-B612 573 9 432 612 573 DLLA157PN138 ISUZU 6HE1-TC2
CZ-B612 574 9 432 612 574 DLLA154PN147 ISUZU 4HE1T 4HE1T
CZ-B612 582 9 432 612 582 DLLA145PN238 ISUZU 4JB1TC
CZ-B612 719 9 432 612 719 DLLA155PN310 DALIAN DIESEL  
CZ-B612 812 9 432 612 812 DLLA143PN325 ISUZU 4HG1-T
CZ-B612 851 9 432 612 851 DLLA154PN270 ISUZU 4JA1L
CZ-B612 859 9 432 612 859 DLLA148PN345 KOMATSU  
CZ-B612 891 9 432 612 891 DSLA150PN930 YANMAR  
CZ-B0V5 000 F 01G 0V5 000 DLLA140PN291 KOMATSU  
CZ-B612 868 9 432 612 868 DLLA145PN357    
HanJi NO. DENSO NO. Stamping No. Vehicle Model Engine
CZ-D400-6320 093400-6320 DLLA154PN005 ISUZU 4JB1??4JA1
CZ-D400-6360 093400-6360 DLLA154PN067 ISUZU 4JA 1C /4JA1
CZ-D400-6400 093400-6400 DLLA154PN061 ISUZU 4BE1/P425
CZ-D400-6800 093400-6800 DLLA154PN058 ISUZU PN058/P466
CZ-D400-6870 093400-6870 DLLA154PN062 ISUZU 4BC2/P466
CZ-D400-7080 093400-7080 DLLA154PN006 ISUZU/NHR\HKR 4JB1??4JA1
CZ-D400-8030 093400-8030 DLLA160PN010 MITSUBISHI 4D31-T/HD400
CZ-D400-8040 093400-8040 DLLA154PN116 ISUZU TFR\4JA1T/OHMP002
CZ-D400-8370 093400-8370 DLLA154PN0171 ISUZU 4BE1/A411
CZ-D400-8670 093400-8670 DLLA154PN064 ISUZU 4BG1/P465
CZ-D400-8680 093400-8680 DLLA154PN068 ISUZU 4JA1/NKR55/OHMP001
CZ-D400-8690 093400-8690 DLLA153PN152 ISUZU 4JA1
CZ-D400-8770 093400-8770 DLLA150PN088 KOMATSU SA6D 95L /PC200-5
HanJi NO. ZEXEL No. Stamping No. Vehicle Model Engine
CZ-Z017-0020 105017-0020 DLLA140PN002 KUBOTA E900
CZ-Z017-0030 105017-0030 DLLA140PN003 KUBOTA/KUBOCA  
CZ-Z017-0040 105017-0040 DLLA160PN004 MITSUBISHI 4D31T/P466
CZ-Z017-0051 105017-0051 DLLA154PN005 ISUZU 4JB1??4JA1
CZ-Z017-0061 105017-0061 DLLA154PN006 ISUZU/NHR\HKR 4JB1??4JA1
CZ-Z017-0070 105017-0070 DLLA154PN007 MAZDA SLD/SL
CZ-Z017-0090 105017-0090 DLLA152PN009    
CZ-Z017-0100 105017-0100 DLLA160PN010 MITSUBISHI 4D31-T/HD400
CZ-Z017-0130 105017-0130 DLLA140PN013 KUBOTA EA14
CZ-Z017-0140 105017-0140 DLLA152PN014 KOMATSU 6D 95L /S6D 95L /PC200-5
CZ-Z017-0171 105017-0171 DLLA154PN0171 ISUZU 4BE1/A411
CZ-Z017-0181 105017-0181 DLLA154PN018 ISUZU  
CZ-Z017-0200 105017-0200 DLLA157PN020 KUBOTA 498
CZ-Z017-0210 105017-0210 DLLA150PN021 MAZDA SL-T
CZ-Z017-0240 105017-0240 DLLA160PN024 MITSUBISHI 6D31/HD700/6D31T
CZ-Z017-0280 105017-0280 DLLA146PN028 MAZDA SL
CZ-Z017-0360 105017-0360 DLLA160PN036 MITSUBISHI 6D31T/4D31T/P005
CZ-Z017-0400 105017-0400 DLLA154PN040 ISUZU 6BG1/P411
CZ-Z017-0440 105017-0440 DLLA150PN044 ISUZU 4JB1
CZ-Z017-0441 105017-0441 DLLA150PN044 ISUZU 4JB1
CZ-Z017-0460 105017-0460 DLLA155PN046 TOYO-SHA BD150
CZ-Z017-0480 105017-0480 DLLA155PN048 MITSUBISHI HEAV S6K
CZ-Z017-0490 105017-0490 DLLA154PN049 ISUZU 4JA1/4JC1/P005
CZ-Z017-0530 105017-0530 DLLA155PN053 MITSUBISHI HEAV 200/S6K-T/E200B
CZ-Z017-0550 105017-0550 DLLA146PN055 ISUZU 4JB1CT
CZ-Z017-0580 105017-0580 DLLA154PN058 ISUZU PN058/P466
CZ-Z017-0510 105017-0510 DLLA154PN051 ISUZU 6BG1TC/P433
CZ-Z017-0590 105017-0590 DLLA160PN059    
CZ-Z017-0610 105017-0610 DLLA154PN061 ISUZU 4BE1/P425
CZ-Z017-0620 105017-0620 DLLA154PN062 ISUZU 4BC2/P466
CZ-Z017-0630 105017-0630 DLLA152PN063
CZ-Z017-0640 105017-0640 DLLA154PN064 ISUZU 4BG1/P465
CZ-Z017-0670 105017-0670 DLLA154PN067 ISUZU 4JA 1C /4JA1
CZ-Z017-0680 105017-0680 DLLA154PN068 ISUZU 4JA1/NKR55/OHMP001
CZ-Z017-0700 105017-0700 DLLA160PN070 HYUNDAI? 4D31
CZ-Z017-0820 105017-0820 DSLA154PN082 ISUZU  
CZ-Z017-0850 105017-0850 DLLA160PN085 MITSUBISHI 4D31T/6D31T/HD700
CZ-Z017-0861 105017-0861 DLLA151PN086 MAZDA  
CZ-Z017-0870 105017-0870 DLLA154PN087 MAZDA SL  
CZ-Z017-0880 105017-0880 DLLA150PN088 KOMATSU SA6D 95L /PC200-5
CZ-Z017-0900 105017-0900 DLLA157PN090 NISSAN DIESEL DACHAI498/OHMP020
CZ-Z017-1000 105017-1000 DLLA160PN100 MITSUBISHI 4D31T/P005
CZ-Z017-1010 105017-1010 DLLA154PN101 ISUZU 6HE1
CZ-Z017-1040 105017-1040 DLLA158PN104 MITSUBISHI 4D31T/6D31T/4D31T1
CZ-Z017-1070 105017-1070 DLLA155PN107 DOOWAN KP—PK107
CZ-Z017-1090 105017-1090 DLLA161PN109 ISUZU 6HE1/P425
CZ-Z017-1111 105017-1111 DLLA155PN111 ISUZU  
CZ-Z017-1100 105017-1100 DLLA156PN110 ISUZU 6BG1/A500
CZ-Z017-1140 105017-1140 DSLA154PN114 ISUZU  
CZ-Z017-1160 105017-1160 DLLA154PN116 ISUZU TFR\4JA1T/OHMP002
CZ-Z017-1180 105017-1180 DLLA155PN118 MITSUBISHI HEAV  
CZ-Z017-1190 105017-1190 DLLA139PN119 ISUZU 6BG1-TC2  
CZ-Z017-1210 105017-1210 DLLA156PN121 ISUZU 4HF1
CZ-Z017-1220 105017-1220 DLLA146PN122 MITSUBISHI? 4D34T3
CZ-Z017-1221 105017-1221 DLLA146PN122 MITSUBISHI? 4D34T3
CZ-Z017-1260 105019-1260 DLLA145PN238 ISUZU 4JB1TC
CZ-Z017-1300 105017-1300 DLLA157PN130 NISSAN DIESEL  
CZ-Z017-1320 105017-1320 DLLA161PN132 NISSAN DIESEL FD42
CZ-Z017-1330 105017-1330 DLLA157PN133 NISSAN DIESEL FD3
CZ-Z017-1350 105017-1350 DLLA160PN135 EXPORT PN135
CZ-Z017-1360 105017-1360 DLLA141PN136 MAZDA  
CZ-Z017-1410 105017-1410 DLLA160PN141 MITSUBISHI 4D31T
CZ-Z017-1460 105017-1460 DLLA160PN146 ISUZU  
CZ-Z017-1490 105017-1490 DLLA160PN149 ISEKI E4DA
CZ-Z017-1520 105017-1520 DLLA153PN152 ISUZU 4JA1
CZ-Z017-1550 105017-1550 DLLA154PN155 ISUZU 4JB1
CZ-Z017-1590 105017-1590 DLLA160PN159 ISUZU? 4HF1
CZ-Z017-1610 105017-1610 DLLA154PN161 ISUZU  
CZ-Z017-1620 105017-1620 DLLA154PN162 ISUZU  
CZ-Z017-1650 105017-1650 DLLA157PN165 NISSAN DIESEL BD25
CZ-Z017-1710 105017-1710 DLLA160PN171 ISUZU  
CZ-Z017-1730 105017-1730 DLLA154PN173 ISUZU 4JA1T
CZ-Z017-1740 105017-1740 DLLA155PN174 HINO  
CZ-Z017-1770 105017-1770 DLLA153PN177 ISUZU/TFR4JB1T 4JB1T/OHMP034
CZ-Z017-1780 105017-1780 DLLA153PN178 ISUZU/JMCTFR4JB1-NA 4JB1/OHMP035
CZ-Z017-1820 105017-1820 DLLA155PN182 MITSUBISHI HEAV S4K
CZ-Z017-1790 105017-1790 DLLA155PN179    
CZ-Z017-1840 105017-1840 DLLA152PN184 ISUZU  
CZ-Z017-1850 105017-1850 DLLA154PN185 ISUZU 4HG1
CZ-Z017-1860 105017-1860 DLLA154PN186 NISSAN/ISUZU  
CZ-Z017-1980 105017-1980 DLLA155PN198 NISSAN DIESEL FE6EH
CZ-Z017-2000 105017-2000 DLLA155PN200    
CZ-Z017-2020 105017-2020 DLLA155PN202    
CZ-Z017-2030 105017-2030 DLLA153PN203 ISUZU 4JB1??4JB1P/4JB1T
CZ-Z017-2080 105017-2080 DLLA154PN208 NISSAN DIESEL BD30
CZ-Z017-2090 105017-2090 DLLA158PN209 ISUZU 4JA1
CZ-Z017-2140 105017-2140 DLLA161PN214 NISSAN DIESEL FD46
CZ-Z017-2180 105017-2180 DLLA146PN218 ISUZU 4HE1-TC
CZ-Z017-2181 105017-2181 DLLA146PN218 ISUZU 4HE1-TC
CZ-Z017-2200 105017-2200 DLLA146PN220 ISUZU 4HF1-2
CZ-Z017-2280 105017-2280 DLLA150PN228 ISUZU  
CZ-Z017-2360 105017-2360 DLLA158PN236 ISUZU 4JA1
CZ-Z017-2380 105017-2380 DLLA153PN238 ISUZU 4JB1TC
CZ-Z017-2650 105017-2650 DLLA143PN265 ISUZU 4HG1-T
CZ-Z017-2670 105017-2670  DLLA152PN267 KOMATSU 4D95LE-2
CZ-Z017-2690 105017-2690 DLLA152PN269 ISUZU 4JG1
CZ-Z017-2840 105017-2840 DLLA152PN284 ISUZU 3LD2
CZ-Z017-2700 105017-2700 DLLA154PN270 ISUZU 4JA1L
CZ-Z017-2760 105017-2760 DLLA155PN276 MITSUBISHI S6K-T/CAT320B/3066T
CZ-Z017-2780 105017-2780 DLLA157PN278 MITSUBISHI  
CZ-Z017-2910 105017-2910 DLLA140PN291 KOMATSU  
CZ-Z017-3100 105017-3100 DLLA155PN310 DALIAN DIESEL  
CZ-Z017-3120 105017-3120 DLLA158PN312 MITSUBISHI 6D34TL
CZ-Z017-3150 105017-3150 DLLA150PN315 MITSUBISHI HEAV S4K
CZ-Z017-3250 105017-3250 DLLA143PN325 ISUZU 4HG1-T
CZ-Z017-3440 105017-3440 DLLA150PN344 KUBOTA F5802-TE
CZ-Z017-2260 105017-2260 DLLA148PN266 KOMATSU S4D95L
CZ-Z017-2830 105017-2830 DLLA148PN283 MITSUBISHI  
CZ-Z017-2880 105017-2880 DLLA147PN288 ISUZU? 4JG1-T
CZ-Z017-3450 105017-3450 DLLA148PN345 KOMATSU  
CZ-Z017-9000 105017-9000 DSLA147PN900 ISUZU  
CZ-Z017-9010 105017-9010 DSLA149PN901 ISUZU  
CZ-Z017-9020 105017-9020 DSLA157PN902 NISSAN DIESEL/NISSAN
CZ-Z017-9030 105017-9030 DSLA149PN903 ISUZU 4JB1
CZ-Z017-9240 105017-9240 DSLA150PN924 YANMAR  
CZ-Z017-9250 105017-9250 DSLA150PN925 YANMAR  
CZ-Z017-9370 105017-9370 DSLA147PN937 MITSUBISHI? HEAV S6K-T
CZ-Z019-1211 105019-1211 DLLA143PN265 ISUZU 4HG1-T
CZ-Z019-1470 105019-1470 DLLA143PN325 ISUZU 4HG1-T
CZ-Z019-1540 105019-1540 DLLA154PN270 ISUZU 4JA1L
CZ-Z019-1810 105019-1810 DLLA145PN357    
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Chinahanji Power Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer specialist in diesel engine parts.Our major products are Ve Pump,diesel injection parts, diesel nozzle,diesel fuel injection system,and the interrelated products (such as Head Rotor,Feed Pump ,Cam Plate, Drive Shaft , Magnet Valve , etc.),Diesel Plunger(A ,AS,P,PS7100,P8500,MW type, etc.) ,Diesel Nozzle (Dn,DNOPDN,S,SN,PN and so on.),Delivery Valve,Cat Pencil Injectors and so on.
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